Two water jugs - 19ᵗʰ century - Midi-Pyrénées [PA036] [PA037]

Two water jugs - 19ᵗʰ century - Midi-Pyrénées

Carried on the heads of women who went to fetch water from the village well or fountain, these jugs are called “head jugs”.
In order to make the task less painful and less perilous, these water carriers made a straw wreath wrapped in fabric which they placed between the jug and their hair.
These jugs had to be kept in balance without the arms which, on either side, carried equally heavy water jugs.
Fashioned in a pink earth, these two top jugs were simply decorated with white traces of kaolin.
Once placed on the edge of the sink, these jugs provided water service for the whole household.

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[PA036] height 32 cm.
[PA037] height 25 cm.
References: [PA036] [PA037]

High “head jug” [PA036]
High “head jug” [PA036]
Low “head jug” [PA037]
Low “head jug” [PA037]

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