It is believed to have the power to chase away demons, and that's why Pope Leo IV chose it in the 9th century to reign on the steeples of our churches. Very rare, this all-copper church steeple rooster has descended for a while, ready to come protect your home.

Church Steeple Rooster in Copper – 19th Century – Languedoc-Roussillon – [MP050]

Discover the extraordinary power attributed to the church steeple rooster – a demon-chaser chosen by Pope Leo IV in the 9th century to grace our church steeples. A truly rare find, this all-copper rooster has descended briefly, ready to safeguard your home.

Three copper containers of exceptional size: an enormous kettle, the matching pie dish and an equally imposing pitcher. All are in red copper and date from the 18th century, a period during which they were manufactured using the same processes in the South West of France.

Kettle, Pie Dish and Decaliter Jug in Red Copper – 18th century – South West – [MP035] [MP036] [MP037]

It’s a bit like Gulliver’s dinette. On our scale, a huge teapot, a generous pie dish and a colossal milk jug. In reality, these everyday objects, hammered from sheets of red copper, have known the good times of a large wine-growing family in the Médoc in the 18th century. She used it for cooking, bathing and selling wine.