News: Aux-Rois-Louis in Montignac-Lascaux, provider of sales and rental of period furniture and objects for film shoots and events, contributes to the set design of the grand historical saga “Fortune de France” directed by Christopher Thomson.


With the promise of eco-responsible shoots, using local resources, in the natural settings of the Périgord and in the studios currently being created in Sarlat at the former France Tabac factory, Aux-Rois-Louis is firmly establishing itself as the go-to provider for supplying all types of period objects and furniture, allowing for the authentic reconstruction of settings such as farms and castles from the Middle Ages.

Come and make your choice in complete tranquillity, by appointment at 06 78 92 61 98. David will open the Aux-Rois-Louis Gallery and its reserves filled with treasures, ready in advance to go on set, just for you.

In the convivial atmosphere of our gallery “Aux-Rois-Louis” in the heart of the Périgord Noir (only a stone’s throw from the famous Lascaux Cave), we are proud to present a splendid array of period pottery and, in all shapes and sizes, a large collection of authentic classical or rare antique furniture made from a wide range of fine wood species. A wealth of veritable chefs-d’œuvre from the different regions of France.

On site David answers you and guides you in your choices.

Aux-Rois-Louis Gallery


Our new treasures:

Knight’s Oak Armour Chest – 15th Century – High Middle Ages – Périgord – [ME148]

AUX-ROIS-LOUIS’S TREASURES FILMING AT CHÂTEAU DE BIRON IN PÉRIGORD FOR THE SERIES ‘FORTUNE DE FRANCE’ Adapted from Robert Merle’s literary fresco, a writer native to Sarlat, the “Fortune de France” series directed by Christopher Thomson took up residence at Château de Biron, seat of one of the oldest baronies in Périgord, in spring 2023. It…

Coach Travel Chest in Leather and Wood – 18th Century – Île de France – [ME124]

The vanity one carries with them in the 18th century is made from leather, brass, and wood. These natural materials were assembled by the guild of trunk makers, with no recourse to plastics which of course did not yet exist. Let’s rediscover the charm of yesteryear’s luggage with this delicate coach travel chest in leather, brass, and wood, a surviving witness of the Renaissance’s golden days in France.

Globular Melard with Spout – 18th Century – Puy de Dôme – [PA088]

Presenting a splendid mélard originating from an Auvergne pottery centre in the 18th century. It was suspended in a pantry for the convenient pouring of precious walnut oil, commonly used for lighting during that era.

Studded Travel Trunk – 18th Century – China – [ME126]

Who can decipher the sinograms traced on this precious travel trunk, tossed about in the Chinese mountains in the 18th century? For now, it keeps its secrets and its beautiful Chinese red patina inside.

Monoxyl Poplar Barrel – 19th Century – South West – [MP055]

Aged in a monoxyl poplar barrel, this is what the famous homemade prune brandy could boast of before delighting palates at the feast…

Polychrome Walnut Virgin with Serpent – 18th Century – Midi-Pyrénées – [ME116]

Explore the iconic 18th-century polychrome walnut sculpture depicting the Virgin Mary triumphing over a serpent, symbolizing the Immaculate Conception. Standing gracefully with arms wide open on a half-globe, the Virgin crushes the serpent beneath her bare foot. The finely carved piece showcases intricate details, from the peaceful expression on Mary’s face to the polychromatic hues highlighting the mystical nature of the artwork. Uncover the hidden symbolism as the serpent holds an apple, representing the Virgin as the new Eve who, in the 17th century context, erases the transgressions of the first woman. The dimensions of this masterpiece are 56 cm in height, 32 cm in width, and a diameter of 21 cm. [Reference: ME116]


The Evolution of the Mirror Over the Millennia

Aux-Rois-Louis: Down through the ages

The “Aux-Rois-Louis” Salesroom Gallery reveals a whole page of our History: the emergence of a new way of life in Provincial France, generated by the splendour introduced into the court of Louis XIV (Louis the Great), the famous Sun King, in the 17ᵗʰ century. This movement was to gradually spread to the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie before reaching the peasant populations. It saw the creation of comfortable and sumptuous luxury furniture, made from the most outstanding types of wood.
This journey down through the ages, which the Aux-Rois-Louis Salesroom Gallery invites you to embark upon, will highlight the artistry of the cabinetmakers of days gone by. You will be able to feel for yourself the tangible trace of a savoir-faire no longer in existence. These highly skilled craftsmen have bequeathed to us, each in their own manner, each in their own way, a collection of genuine masterpieces bearing the stamp of their region. We invite you to come and discover first-hand this unique collection of Louis XIII, Louis XIV and Louis XV period furniture, crafted in the 17ᵗʰ, 18ᵗʰ and 19ᵗʰ centuries all over the country.

The Aux-Rois-Louis Gallery in Montignac-Lascaux in the Périgord Noir, close to the famous Lascaux Cave, offers a wide range of prices. We shall be more than happy to show you around.

Please call David to make an appointment: 06 78 92 61 98.

Visiting us

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